TCI - Trapp Construction International GmbH
Großer Markt 5-7
D-46483 Wesel

Telephone: 02 81 / 1 54 66 02
Telefax: 02 81 / 1 54 66 04

TCI - Trapp Construction International GmbH


Trapp Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 2005 TRE-CO is a developer in Real Estate and conceives, designs, finances, constructs, leases, sells and manages residential and commercial properties throughout Europe.

Trapp Wohnungsbau GbR

This company was founded in the 1950s to support the reconstruction of German cities after World War II. Today the company administers and manages commercial and residential property throughout the Federal republic of Germany and retains choice retail locations for rent in its Portfolio.

TL Kaufmännische Dienstleistungen GmbH

Since 1999 this company provides services to building owners who are concerned in achieving an optimal commercial management of their property. Recently the business has been expanded to Real Estate Asset Management.

Maintenance Services Group ltd

MSG is a full service facilities and building maintenance company operating out of Kaiserslautern in Germany.

ISK Plan GmbH

ISK is successfully active in the field of professional construction management for clients and contractors since 1985.

It is the aim of the consultancy firm to help building contractors to avoid economic difficulties which arise from liquidity problems, unsecured outstanding debts as well as deliberate payment delays or unjustified payment refusals by third parties.

Services for clients include among others checking invoices and claims.