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Pipe Driving and Heading

Pipe Driving and HeadingSupply and disposal lines for new developments as well as for renovation work were constructed almost exclusively by open or semi-open trenching methods up to the middle of the eighties. The disadvantages were for the owners adjoining the projects who had to contend with a considerable degree of noise and dirt nuisance, traffic diversions, settle­ment damage as well as excavation and material storage.

These disadvantages can be almost com­pletely done away with, with the method further developed by Trapp of under­ground full-section pipe driving. This method supersedes the traditional mining procedures and has many advantages for diameters up to DN 5000.

In the sphere of pipe driving Trapp have lead the development of  technology. Apart from exact laser control, the system that Trapp developed to state-of-the-art in­cluded a new-type injection drilling procedure which can stabilise the bed rock when required. Over and above this, Trapp developed a separation plant which guarantees a largely enclosed cycle of the bentonite support liquid for the drill head and separates the quarried ground.

Pipelines are driven, laser-controlled from start pits up to the prepared target pits through any bed rock or ground. In addition to its considerably improved environmental viability, this procedure also results in cost reduction.  Trapp have operated passable and non-passable driving for overt twenty years.

In this manner Trapp have developed economically and environmentally mean­ingful innovations for measuring and conveying technologies with large pass­able driving systems to state-of-the-art as well as undertaking considerable invest­ments in the technology.

First examples of the application by Trapp of this technology  in Germany were  1600m tube driving works in Bielefeld  1990-1991; 1210 m tube driving works in Leverkussen in 1991,  2600 m pipe driving works in Wuppertal in  1992 and  306 m tube driving works in Erkrath in 1992.