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TCI - Trapp Construction International GmbH

Property development

Property development Professional development of trade and industrial areas by an experienced project developer who knows the locality con­cerned ensures economical and user-speci­fic realisation of project developments. With  a separate company established in 1989  and well-trained and motivated personnel; the project volume rose to over Euro 150 million by 1995 and continued upwards.

On the international level, Trapp could rely  on  its local knowledge gained from over 80 years of international activity on 4 continents  with   associated companies being established as necessary  as was the case in  Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg)  in order to  participate in some large-scale projects being developed in the Baltic region.

The principal focus was mainly on commercial property develop­ment and special construction projects, such as large-area redevelopment of industrial waste land. An example is  The Rheinpark Ratingen.  Initially, prior to this commercial park being developed, comprehensive soil redevelopment and sealing had to be carried out on the prop­erty where there had been a large KERA­MAG AG factory previously with adjacent industrial waste dumps. Today, due to its central location, this property is one of the most interesting in Greater Duesseldorf. KERAMAG and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM have already moved there with two large distribution centres.

As the initiator, investor, builder-owner or maintainer, Trapp offers comprehensive and individual service and solutions to prob­lems in a wide commercial and residential property range. Included here are purpose-built constructions for commercial usage, turnkey apartment buildings, municipal development projects as well as project management.

In the late 1990s  Trapp  started to intensify their activities in the lower cost domestic housing market. The initial projects commenced promis­ingly. A 500 unit residential development was built in Dresden-Leuben on the Elbe River. The pure construction costs per square metre of net living space  were Euro 800. A high degree of pre­fabrication and innovative combinations of building materials made for the build­ing process being largely automated, thus becoming a decisive plus factor in how much owner-occupied houses are to cost. Individual architectural design "tailor-made" to customer wishes and require­ments is guaranteed. This design concept can be utilised for both detached and terraced housing. Built in  Dresden were  terrace houses and city villas as low-energy units. Similar projects were developed in Berlin, Dortmund and Leipzig. Geographically Trapp concentrated its project development on the Ruhr area with the adjacent Duesseldorf conur­bation centre, on Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig. Basically, however, such projects are being pursued throughout Germany.The four core activities are: 

Developing: Trapp is developing creative concepts on a national and international level for preferred and attractive locations  for clients as well as for retention in their own real estate portfolio.

Planning: On the basis of sound financing, the project development company converts creative concepts into concrete planning jointly with the future users of the project. The way the company works intensively with the client and ensures that what the client wants is achieved economically.

Building: Quality and keeping to deadlines are the ultimate criteria in the construction phase. The continual presence of the project managers on the spot ensures the project will be completed properly and reliably. Flexibility and know-how serve the client. Building is usually only started after successful user acquisition.

Marketing: Going hand in hand with marketing that is also conducted in cooperation with exter­nal real-estate agents is constant market observation, location analyses, acquisi­tion of tenants and users as well as development of  concepts.  Administration of the finished and fully-rented property is just part of what can be offered.