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Bridges, Under- and Overpasses

Bridges, Under- and OverpassesDuring their 80 years of continuous involvement in construction activities abroad Trapp have constructed numerous road and rail bridges along the several thousand kilometers of transport routes they have constructed under some of the hardest climatic and technical conditions mainly in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Africa. These wide-span bridges, exhibited all degrees of difficulties encountered in modern bridge design. Of these road construction projects in the past, the associated bridge works worthy of mention are  the building in 1958 of the Kuwait­ Basrah Road, in 1969 - the Awash-Tendaho Road in Ethiopia with a total length of 300 kilometres completed within a four year construction period,  the 256-kilometre-long road from Sana'a to Taiz in Yemen, Further modern traffic routes - roads and railways - were built in, Cameroun, Liberia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone,  and Togo. Worthy of note are the  60 kilometres long road between Bambui and Fundong and the 22-kilometre-long Mouanko-Ocean Road through the estuary region of the Sanaga  river in 1989 and 1990 both in Cameroun and the railway link between Bauchi and Gombe in Nigeria. From 1984 to 1986 Trapp constructed the bridge over the River Faro in Cameroun in  addition to bridgeworks  for  a  56 Km section of the Bisha-Al Alayah Road in Saudi Arabia   between 1976 and 1979  and the  43 Km  Musna’ah – Rustaq Road Highway in Oman between 1974 and 1976.

Bridge construction under rolling wheels, i.e. with rail traffic being maintained, is the measure of all things today. In Heme, Trapp were also responsible for building 19 new single-span prestressed concrete superstructures with the continuing rail traffic only being slightly affected. This enabled the existing under­pass to be extended from 11 to 27 metres, a large portion of the work being carried out at night when rail traffic is less.

The railway overpass Hamminkelner Landstrasse, Wesel necessitated two prestressed concrete bridge superstruc­tures that were each produced next to the rails and installed over one weekend when trains were stopped  running.

Trapp have also built a large number of bridges in Berlin. Exemplary here is the Schoenfliesser Strasse Bridge. Trapp were awarded this order on the basis of a special proposal which replaced the original redevelopment concept by a new construction. All this work was carried out with road traffic being maintained.
Among other structures  Trapp also redeveloped the Weidendammer Bridge in Berlin and participated in redevelopment of the renowned Oderbaum Bridge.

In the course of developing the CentrO in Oberhausen Trapp erected the Henkelmann Bridge on the Metropolitan Railway Networks to the CentrO, a composite steel bridge in the form of an arch.

An original and beautiful bridge was built at Xanten-Wardt. Unique of its kind on the Lower Rhine in Germany, this pivoted-beam bridge completes the access road to Wardt between two sailing areas.

Based on a special proposal  Trapp were also able to achieve a considerable reduction in time constructing an under­pass in Kaarst-Buettgen for Deutsche Bahn AG (the German Federal Railway) and to minimise rail traffic being affected.

Naturally pedestrian bridges are also included in Trapp’s bridge building range.