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TCI - Trapp Construction International GmbH

Tanks  and  Storage Structures

Trapp look back proudly on the pro­ject of a mixed coal storage hall at the Prosper Mine. "Industrial structures really need not be ugly..." - this is how an arti­cle in "Bild-Zeitung" started that reported on this new hall for 28,000 tons of coal giving it due respect. Trapp built the hall with its 93-metre diameter and 28-metre clear height in a wood-glue construction in a mere four months.

Trapp have also built halls in the industrial sphere in Berlin, Coesfeld, Duisburg, Emmerich, Krefeld, Cologne, Oberhausen, Wesel and in the entire Federal Republic as well as outside Germany. Concrete, steel or wood - no material presents any difficulty to the Trapp specialists.

Trapp erected two 6,000 cubic metre large egg-shaped septic tanks on the grounds of the Wesel sewage clarification plant . Two  industrial rough coal silos were constructed  in only two months.  Trapp also build water tanks (with and without pre- and post tensioning). In slipform construction Trapp constructed two clinker silos with over 40,000 cubic metre capacity and a 60-metre high four-chamber loading silo in the Berlin-Ruedersdorf cement works.

Multi-storey Car Parks and other Parking Facilities

Serving car drivers in Berlin, Geldern, Cologne, Oberhausen and Wesel as well as at other locations in the Federal  Republic are multi-storey car parks in wide-span design built by Trapp.

Cultural Centres, Sports Halls, Swimming Pools

One of the most spectacular building projects in the past years was the Munich Cultural Centre Am Gasteig. The circular sports halls in Vreden and Wesel, the swimming halls in Hamminkeln and Wesel-Obrighoven, the sports halls in Berlin, Krefeld, Schermbeck and Wesel were all turnkey work. Trapp constructed a sports hall, two-thirds of  which is underground, on the property of the State Specialist College for Instructors in Charlottenburg, Berlin.

Schools, Universities

Exemplary for these activities of  Trapp is Duisburg University; but the company also worked on the structural framework for further sections of Duesseldorf University and other centres of learning in Berlin, Bocholt, Krefeld, Moers and Wesel. 

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Particularly sophisticated was the structure and envelope s for the Krefeld Heart Surgery building Nevertheless  Trapp handed over this extraordinary structure with its curved shape in out­standing quality and in good time. The Stem-Plaza Complex in Duesseldorf comprising four subterranean and 13 high-rise floors was built by Trapp in the extremely short construction time of 15 months. Works include  shopping centres and malls such as  the special market centre in Bad Oeynhausen (Euro 50 mill.).

The “Trapp Row” in Wesel  stands for Trapps's work as a general independent contractor. In cooperation with Rheinbau Entwicklungsgesellschaft, a 4-storey office building was turnkey built on a three-aisle underground garage. Blocks of flats and commercial buildings have also been built by Trapp in Berlin, Bonn, Dorsten, Dresden, Essen, Cologne, Leipzig, Monheim and Muelheim.

Housing Development

 Trapp built turnkey residential estates in Bonn-Oberkassel and Nottuln in a short period of time. Eye-catching terrace bungalows were constructed in Muelheim an der Ruhr. Trapp has developed two new-type concepts for cost-conscious  and ecological building, realis­ing them successfully at different locations in the Federal Republic. Terrace housing estates in inexpensive and energy-saving design have been built in Dortmund-­Deusen, Dresden-Leuben and Meerane.

Office and Administration Buildings

Trapp have constructed a new central building in Wesel for Telekom as tenant. This Euro 25-million project was turnkey-finished on time in 18 months. A new regional administration building was constructed  in Wesel for RWE with similar dimensions. However, Trapp's work here was limited to the structural framework.
Standing out from the not too distant past are particularly the construction of the Wesel County Building, Jagenberg AG's central Administration Building in Neuss, the Vox Transmission Building in Cologne as well as the AOK Buildings in Cologne and Rheinberg.

Conversions and Extensions

Converting and extending already exist­ing structures of all types does not present any problems to the experienced Trapp specialists. By way of example, Trapp have redeveloped, converted and extended numerous sewage purifica­tion plants whilst they remained fully operational. The Andreas-Vesalius Grammar School and the Am Lauerhaas Comprehensive School in Wesel have been rapidly extended by  Trapp without school being affected.

Green and Sustainable 

The German  building codes and regulations have for decades represented the state of the art as regards  energy efficient  construction methods and design.

More recently  with the wide spreading international adoption of  the principles of “Green” construction standards such as the guidelines for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED);  there has been an international focus on the resulting  reduction in  life cycle costs of   buildings  particularly the reduction in energy and water usage when they are  built to such standards.  There is rapidly  emerging interest  in these  construction methods in Trapp’s traditional areas of international operation such as the Arabian Peninsula. Trapp is abreast of these developments and is able to conceive, design, construct, deliver and monitor  High Performance Sustainable buildings to the relevant standards in their areas of operation.