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TCI - Trapp Construction International GmbH


Dam, Turnkey aEnvironmental Technology Conservation of the natural habitat is one of the ultimate precepts of our times.

Natural resources must not only be exploited- nature must also be given the chance to renew and maintain itself. Finding the ideal relationship between shaping nature for industrial, social and cultural purposes and preserving natural beauty is a goal well worth striving for. For this reason Trapp established their business field environmental technology at the begin­ning of the eighties. Moreover, this was accomplished in the awareness that the growing population - together with the rapidly changing basic social conditions of  information, communications and a mobile society - is about to endanger mankind’s  natural basis by massive and thought­less interference in nature. All fields connected with building and construction are dealt with by Trapp not only from economical and technical viewpoints, but also with environmental safeguards being maintained.

Over and above this, Trapp have very successfully included in the range of works and services they offer, the construction of filter plants for air purification, sewage purification plants for safeguarding water, tip construction for ecologically viable storage of rubbish, and soil redevelop­ment for utilisation  and restoration of industrial waste land. In all these fields Trapp have constantly developed new state-of-the-art concepts.