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Water and Sewage systemsThe performance of  Trapp  in charge of the man­agement and construction of the  Water purification and supply project in Alkaim/Akashat in Iraq ensured the turnkey delivery of this large-scale project in 1977 in a mere three years' building period. 150 kilome­tres distance  had to be overcome in order to supply the phosphate mining region of Akashat with water. What was constructed in Alkaim was a complicated water intake point with sand traps. With the collaboration of the Leichtweiss Institute of the Brunswick Technical College, Trapp managed to determine the flow behaviour of the Euphrates with water fluctuations of over twelve metres so exactly that the intake area could be localised and dimensioned to be economically and environmentally efficient.

The principle building section in Alkaim included the water treatment plant for a minimum capacity of two cubic metres per second, comprising a distributor structure, four flocculation tanks (d = 55 metres), filter buildings with six cham­bers, 1,500 cubic metre water reservoir, second pumping station, operating build­ing, machinery house, ancillary buildings, two reservoirs with a capacity of 10,000 cubic metres as well as three pumping stations.

As a follow-up order for the water supply in Alkaim/Akashat, a joint-venture including Trapp participating was awarded the contract for turnkey pro­duction of an industrial waste water treatment plant including asbestos basin, gypsum and slime disposal facilities in Alkaim for the same client.

Trapp supplied several biological contain­er sewage purification plants for waste water treatment of townships in Nigeria in 1993/94. These highly modem facilities, inconspicuously landscaped, provide complete mechanical and biological purification for 50 to 1,250 inhabitants. Camps, residential blocks, scattered settlements, shopping centres, hotel facilities, etc. can be equipped with such plants. Trapp also designed, constructed and commissioned the potable water  purification and supply plant. The contract  scope included the design and construction  of  the sewage and fresh water pipeline networks. 

Between 1999 and 2004 Trapp participated in the Cross River State Water Supply Project in Nigeria  where they constructed river water intakes, pumping stations, reservoirs, control buildings and infrastructure works  
At home, among  many others, the Wesel-Flueren waterworks were  extended while maintaining  operations and modernisation and  major extension works were carried out at the Sewage treatment plant in Wesel   and   new build plants in Schwalmtal and elsewhere throughout Germany. 

Trapp have been building water­works and sewage purification plants for years now including.

All work and services connected with sewage clarification plant construction is can be executed or managed turnkey by Trapp, includ­ing planning and process technology. Financing and operational services can also be provided.