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TCI - Trapp Construction International GmbH


Water aWaste Dump ConstructionA more recent focus of  Trapp is the field of constructing waste dumps. In July 1988 Trapp received the order from Abfall-Beseitigungsgesellschaft Ruhr­gebiet to produce two approx. 60,000 square metre tip scaling covers with min­eral sealing made of clay material with low water permeability values.

Organic domestic garbage and anorganic industrial rubbish were to be stored on the two tip areas with maximum possible environmental safety being maintained. This work could be concluded in record
time before the end of the following year, despite the fact that unexpectedly high tolerance injunctions had to be kept to par­ticularly in execution of the clay sealing. Subsequently Trapp redeveloped the large tip at Gelsenkirchen as well as the central Castrop and Huenxe tips. Trapp completely built the large Dortmund North-East tip with an area of 240,000 square metres.

Trapp redeveloped the former indus­trial waste dump on the KERAMAG factory grounds in Ratingen, sealing the soil, and building a modern distribution centre for KERAMAG on the area thus obtained. The adja­cent factory grounds were allocat­ed a new use by a Trapp owned property development company after  the old installations had been demolished. Trapp  conceived developed and built  a distribution centre for Deutsche Telekom.

Garbage Incinerating Plants

Garbage Incinerating PlantsThe garbage incinerating plants at Oberhausen and Kamp-Lintfort were constructed by Trapp. The large-scale Kamp-Lintfort plant with a building value in excess of Euro 50 mill. was turnkey built in a mere 16 months.