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TCI - Trapp Construction International GmbH


The Poza-Honda Dam in Ecuador was built to supply an entire province with drinking water. This dam was built between April 1969 and May 1971 with Trapp in charge of management.

The Tekirova Beach Hotel in Turkey, described in more detail below,  as well as construction of a cement factory in Saudi-Arabia are mentioned here as examples of successful project man­agement.

 After successfully extending a cement factory in Meftah (Algeria), Trapp received the order for site supervision of the cement factory at Hofuf in Saudi Arabia. The same applied as in Algeria, namely of extending an existing facility with another furnace line. The contract covered site supervision and control of the entire construction work as well as quantity surveying services. The project was accomplished as per deadline in 14 months.

Public services is increasingly gaining in significance on the international building market where Trapp have been represent­ed since the twenties, particularly in executing projects involving infrastruc­ture and industrial facilities. The local building industry abroad has been devel­oping further, but private and public clients and investors, plant and machinery manufacturers as well as engineering com­panies are relying increasingly on services in the construction sphere. Well-experi­enced building contractors who have worked in business abroad for years -such as Trapp - support building projects through rational project management. With qualified staff with ample experi­ence abroad as well as computer-assisted procedures, Trapp guarantee proper, expert and prompt project execution.

In this manner the client's own coordina­tion outlay for planning, procurement and construction execution is reduced to an economically reasonable amount. Over and above this, integrated top quality management enables maximum quality requirements to be safeguarded.

Professional project management con­tributes to increasing efficiency, reducing risks and cutting down on costs. The following work and services were taken care of by Trapp:

The Tekirova Beach Hotel, one of the first overseas hotel project management contracts for Trapp,was in­augurated in 1990. Trapp dealt with the following jobs:

  1. Converting the idea for the project from Hotelgesellschaft IFA into plan­ning and bidding documents
  2. Invitation to tender for the hotel
  3. Awarding the construction work
  4. Planning of execution
  5. Work coordination and supervision
  6. Quality control
  7. Progress control
  8. Contract monitoring
  9. Systematic, gradual hand-over to the builder-owner (soft opening).