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TCI - Trapp Construction International GmbH

Railway and Track  works

Railway and Track worksIn 1961 Trapp collaborated on the railway link between Bauchi and Gombe in Nigeria and  constructed the Lome Harbour Railway in Togo from 1963 to 1965.

Trapp also participated in the preparations for tunneling under the English Channel from 1973 to 1975.

Trapp has been involved in works for Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail, formerly the Federal Railway as well as Reichs Railway) and particularly for regional traffic operations in underground, munici­pal railway and tramway construction as well as for private and industrial tracks.

The first steps in this direction was production of narrow gauge railways as of 1935 that were utilised in dealing with large earthwork projects for the Reich's motorways.

Directly after the war, track systems were built for getting rid of the ruins in Wesel and for lignite mining near Roddergrube in 1946.

Thanks to the support of the Berlin Transport Service (BVG), Trapp were able, with a great deal of skill and work­force flexibility, to gain a secure place in the market quickly with extensive rede­velopment work on the municipal railway sections taken over in the Western part of Berlin City in 1984.

In frequent instances work was laborious and only possible in countless minor sections particularly in the municipal area due to many buildings or blocks of flats being directly next to the tracks. This also prevented large machinery from being used.

It is precisely the construction of traffic facilities on railway lines that requires exceptional skills - no matter whether out­side or in tunnels, in multi-shift operation, at night, at weekends and no matter what the weather might be.  Teams working hand in glove with mod­em machinery and equipment from small drills via sleeper screwdrivers right up to large items such as two-way excavators with, for example, suction devices as well as automatic leveling, tamping and straightening machines are used to ensure quality and to meet deadlines.

The range  enables track systems to be newly constructed, converted or repaired including the cable duct installations necessary to complete railway track sys­tems  or road building for tram track systems.